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This is the RP profile for the character Ree Valdor.

    She was a small girl who wandered aimlessly through the lands. The age of five wasn’t exactly the age to be abandoned at, but that’s exactly what happened. She couldn’t remember a thing before this age, and she is still unable to. Depending on nighttime garbage runs for food, she was unable to show herself to people. They made fun of her when they saw her, because of her large bunny ears. Survival didn’t come easy to her, and finally one day, she came to the realization that she needed a place to stay.

    That changed when a boy about 8 years older than her came along. Finding her in the woods, he confronted her and offered her food that he had hunted himself. Being starving, she took advantage of the opportunity. After sitting near a fire the boy’s dragon created, they began to talk, finally. She remained with him until the age of ten, finally achieving the goal of a home through hard work with him. Designated by the law as her father, he cared for her in this home. Her tenth birthday was the day everything changed.

       She went outside, alone, to go get some things from the store for her father, because he wanted to make her a cake. As she entered the store, a large hand covered her mouth, pulling her down and dragging her out of the store and down the road, right by her father’s house. He ran out, only to be pummeled by the men. He was a small man and not a fighter, so he was beaten brutally and thrown back into his home, unconscious.

      After only a few days in captivity, she was being transported to a new owner, along with 20 other children around her age. They realized how unstable the truck was, and all at once, slammed into the side, flipping it over and rolling it down a hill. The truck carriage smashed, and they were set free. She ran away, looking for a place to go, followed closely by the slave drivers. To this day, she runs from them in a desperate attempt to find a permanent safety, and most of all, her father, who she knew was searching too.


Weapons: She only holds a small daggar that her father gave her, which is strapped to her side with a small belt she made out of twigs.
Clothing: She wears only a long tee-shirt, nothing more. This is all the slave drivers allowed her, so this is all she had.
Spells: She was trained very little by her father, thoguh she does know how to change the direction of the wind. When she tries to change the speed, however, she often loses control.
Items: She carries with her a pendant her father had given her, to prove she was a member of the Ice Dragon clan, so if she were to come across one, she could be reported to him. no such luck yet.