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So, one day mike gets extremely bored and decides HEY! Lets make a profile! But noooooo the AIM and Yahoo profiles arent good enough, so he has to go and get into the Tripod thing. Oh well...hope you all enjoy learning a bit about me, my likes, my roleplaying characters, and anything else you may wanna know.

So, anyways, for those of you who dont know me....GET OFF MY SITE!!! haha no im just kidding. I'm Mike, and i like to randomly make if you need one done for like a clan or something, let me know, ill see if I can't hook you up. For the rest of you, you know me already, why are you bothering with this? Well because you are bored, and you wana learn more about the wonderful world of Mike!

What's New?

Ill let you guys know when i update my site. it will be posted RIGHT HERE!!! so, if you look, and theres nothing new posted here, dont bother looking, because nothing is new. lol.


Get ahold of me if you wanna know something you dont already.