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Mikes profile site

About Me
Home | About Me | Favorite Links | Contact Me | Fun Pictures want to learn a little bit more about me? Why?! ARE YOU CRAZY?! oh well....Here goes...

well, im 18 years old, my birthday is december 15th. Im 5'11" with brown hair (highlighted), blue eyes, and im pretty slim. I work at the Hannaford Deli...if you cant figure that out, it's a grocery store. Damn, for being such a nationally acclaimed company (refers to training videos) nobody seems to know who they are -_-.


I grew up here in plattsburgh, New York: A small town with very little to do, unless of course you are of drinking age, or really good at acting like you are. I Graduated from Beekmantown High School June 23rd of 2006. I've lived in the place im at since I was six. I like to act like a kid...hence video games, lots of online talking, outside stuff, sports, ect. fun fun!

Taking a break from work

What a dog!

This is mah puppeh, Kubby. And you wonder why my house is gunna fall over? LOOK AT THAT FREAKIN HOLE!! He dug it, and now he lays under it on the hot days. crazy animal...

Things i do online:

Heres some things i do online and the screennames associated:
Gaia online : Meester_Drake
Warcraft 3 : Drakerider101
WoW: Realm killrog, drake_valdor

Theres more...
Xbox Live: Drake_Valdor
Diablo 2 LOD : Reptile_King