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Mikez Maddnezz

The King of Dragons
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The King of Dragons
Chapter 2

Chapter 1

         It was a warm, sunny day in the kingdom of D’Lain. Several humans could be seen mingling with numerous other races…a common site for this day and age. At the weapon’s shop, elves worked hard over hot burning coals, forging swords for adventurers to purchase. At the inn, a fairy checked into a room for the fast approaching evening. Close to the top of this vertical kingdom, however, swords clashed with loud metallic clangs.

          Dust flew as two young men battled atop a large building. This training field, which looked more like a giant sand box, was being used by two of the kingdom’s finest warriors; one was human, one was elf.

          “Nice shot!” the elf muttered, stumbling backward from a blow. His opponent’s scimitar almost taking him in the chest, this tall warrior clad in a green tunic was forced to jump back, causing him to lose his footing all together. Recovering from this fall, he looked up at his adversary through emerald green eyes, his long black hair falling into his face.

          His foe approached him, a smile along his slender face. His short brown hair shimmered a bit in the sunlight, which was ever nearing its nightly extinction. His long blue cloak barely revealed his brown leather shoes. His hood hung low, hovering in the air from time to time with wind gusts.

          “Next time, try a parry” He said, extending a friendly hand forward.  The forearm attached to this hand appeared un-muscled, but it was barely revealed from its home in this sleeve.

          The sun began to bleed pink into the darkening sky as it slowly set in the distant mountain range. The busy kingdom, however, refused to quiet for the night. People of all races wandered aimlessly through the ever-darkening streets.

          “It’s late. I’m heading for bed. I would suggest you do the same, Nazarr.” The man in blue smiled. “We do, after all, have our monthly goblin hunt tomorrow. Who knows how many of their spies we will catch snooping around the royal grounds.”

          “Yeah I guess you’re right.” The elf grunted, his short sword entering its sheath in conjunction with the human’s scimitars. “Besides, you have to get Ree to go to bed too.”

          “Right. Goodnight.” He said, turning and retiring into the building on which they battled. The inside appeared to be a very royal place. Gold plating covered the massive hallways, and great magical lights dimmed as the warrior walked. Opening a large solid oak door, the man found himself facing a purple-haired little girl.

          “Daddy!” The girl shouted, jumping into his arms. Her tail seemed like that of a panther, and the ears on top of her head matched.

          “Hey honey, shouldn’t you be in bed?” He asked, giving her a kiss on the forehead, what little of it her thin purple bangs revealed.

          “I was waiting for you!” She said sweetly, smiling and clasping her hands together in front of her thighs as she stood again.

          A voice echoed through the halls and into his room suddenly. “Drake!”

          The man turned around to see a young boy standing with a sword in his hand. His deep brown eyes were filled with excitement. “Will you train me tomorrow?”

          “We’ll see.” He said smiling. He noticed Ree walking away from him and laying down in her large, red blanketed bed amongst her several toys. He looked at the boy, who was now walking away, and closed the door. He turned and walked to his bed, and, in turn, lay down.

          Extinguishing the lights with a single wave of his hand, the room went black. A small voice broke through the silence.


          “Yes, Ree?”

          “I love you.”

          “I love you too.”

          “Daddy?” The voice came again, about five minutes later.


          “Is tomorrow the day you’re going to find mommy?”

          An uncomfortable silence in the conversation went on for what seemed like hours before he finally replied to her.

          “I hope so, honey.”