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Mikez Maddnezz

Chapter 2
About Me
The King of Dragons
Chapter 2

          A woman standing in the middle of a huge goldenrod field sang a sweet tune that echoed through the air. She twirled in her singing, allowing her long purple hair to flow gently through the breeze. Her pink dress bellowed perfectly, revealing her slim and beautiful body. Her teal colored eyes, filled with tears, pierced into Ree’s heart as she ran towards her, Samsun the stuffed bear in hand. Though she fought to get closer, the woman only seemed to get farther and farther away, her song more distant.

          “Mommy!” Ree cried, tears falling from her cheeks as she ran through the field of beautiful plants.

          The woman looked up, her eyes meeting Ree’s. She extended her arms outward as if to embrace the little girl, yet she was so far away that she was beginning to fade from site.

          “Ree” A voice broke through the air, but it wasn’t her mothers. It was deeper and manlier.

          “Mommy!” She screamed.

          “Ree!” The voice came again, firmer this time. It snapped her out of her concentration which she had developed on her mom.

          Her eyes snapped open and her view was filled with her father’s figure leaning over her, concern filling his deep blue eyes. “Are you okay?”

          “Daddy!” She shouted, clinging to him, throwing her arms around him, her stuffed bear Samsun left on the bed. He wrapped his arms around her calmly, smiling. “I’m going with you!”

          “What?!” He asked, pushing her away a bit.

          “I’m going with you to help you find mommy!”

          “No, honey, you need to stay here with the nanny we hired for you.” He sharpened his scimitars on a circular grinding stone as he spoke, sparks flying about.

          The little girl clutched the bear in her arms again, holding him close. “But daddy I want to find her just as much as you do!” She cried, tears pouring from her little teal eyes.

          Drake sat down next to her. “Ree” He said, putting his arm around her back. “I know you miss her, and I know you want her back, but I need you to stay here. It’s dangerous out there and I’m not going to lose you too.”

          Ree hesitated, then clung to him again. “Don’t take too long!” She said, still bawling.

          Drake stood and walked towards the door. “I won’t.” He said, smiling at her. He turned and walked out the door, closing it softly behind him. Ree lay down with samsun, kissed him on the head, and fell back to sleep.


          Nazarr fought to get his white tights up over his legs and under his tunic. This wasn’t the easiest part of wearing the elven warriors’ wardrobe, but it beats exposing himself. Once those were on, it was down to the elven leather shoes, which were no problem for a seasoned warrior like himself.

          “Sir!” A deep voice came from behind him. He turned to see a lightly armored soldier saluting him. “Drake has arrived at the front gate and awaits your arrival.”

          Nazarr nodded, turning to grab his things from a messy bed. He grabbed a small blue back-back, which he had generously stuffed with food, matches, and some knives and a rope.

          He walked out of his room, closing the huge door behind him. He walked from the third level of this diamond-shaped kingdom down to the second. While there, he stopped and grabbed a couple knives, fighting the crowds off as he walked, then made it down to the first level, where even more people bustled, except around the front gate, which was where Drake was standing, looking not at all pleased.

          “Sorry I’m late!” Nazarr shouted, running up to Drake with a look of worry on his face.

          “Let’s get a move on.” Drake shouted back, ignoring Nazarr’s apology. They exited the kingdom’s front gate, the massive iron bars closing back up behind them. Ahead: A large open field. “Let the hunt begin.”