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Name: Drake Valdor
Age: 19
Race: Human
Location: Anywhere/Traveler
Sex: Male
Occupation: Martial arts trainer
Life Story: Drake was born in a small village in the middle of a massive field. The walls around it kept the villagers safe for the most part. The sun always seemed to shine, and the children always ran up and down the dirt streets, screaming and laughing in their play. Nothing bad ever happened to this village, untill that horrible day.
The sky was dark, which was odd because it was about mid-day. The black clouds rolled in as a thunderstorm threatened the area. Children ran to their homes just as quickly and suddenly as the storm had come. As it loomed over the village, doom was made apperent. Dragons... 8 of them to be exact... flew from the clouds suddenly, lashing out on the village, hurling flames in their direction. Houses burned as people screamed in agony and fear, running about the streets in the fire and lightning storm. As their house burned, Drake's parents ran out with him, running to the field uncought. After a few minutes though, they heard the sound of a dragon right behind them, which knocked his mother to the ground.
Drake hid, as his father had directed him to, in the long grass that the field was filled with. As he did, he heard the screams of both his parents, murdered with most of the town. When silence finally fell, he returned to the town, searching despirately for survivors. None could be found. After a few hours, he heard the sound of flapping wings again, but this time, the dragons were blue, where the ones before were black. one landed directly in front of him, eyeing him up and down. Finally, it grabbed him, and brought him to an arctic land, where thousands of its kind lived. Raised by them, he learned how to control most ice and water, but not to any Mass extent. He would have to learn on his own, since the black dragons returned again.
Destroying the ice land, He and his companion, Volrath, escaped them, flying over the ocean back to the normal land. now 13 years old, he searched despirately for a place to stay...but instead, found a little girl. She was 5 years old, with no home and no parents. Abandoned, she was shy and lonely. She had another awkward thing about her... she had ears like that of a bunny. This made her more self aware and scared of people.
Only 2 years later, after establishing an almost father-daughter relationship, she was taken from him by a group of slave drivers. this inspired him to train in as many martial arts as he could, as well as focus his abilities in ice/wind magic. after a year of training, he had nearly perfected 3 different martial arts : ninjitsu, Aikido, and Shaolin... and had come very far with his magic skills. He now searches despirately for the girl he calls his daughter, and hopes to destroy whatever slave trade there is.


Name: Volrath
Age: Unknown
Race: Dragon
Location: Everywhere
Sex: Male
Occupation: None
Story: Humans had enslaved his entire family, making him fear them when he was young. Being an ice dragon, he was highly sought after for his beautiful blue scales. Now being older, he has learned the tricks of avoiding hunters, allowing him to communicate some with a few humans. Usually, it was only the younger generation that could speak with him, as he had no use for closed-minded older folk.
now, he simply searches for a purpose, a reason to continue existing. He wasn't a huge dragon, but he wasn't really small either. He was very well able to make friends, though most decided not to, most humans fearing dragons. He still searched, though, for that one human who could understand him, young and energetic.
(would be good for guardian-type RP, though other suggestions are perfectly alright.)

All characters, NOT PICTURES OR MUSIC, are copyright to yahoo user Drake_Valdor. thank you.