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Name: Cole Hart
Age: Unknown, looks to be 20.
Race: Human, angel
Sex: Male
Occupation: Unknown
Location: Anywhere, medieval or Modern
Story: When he was 19, he was still living at home with his father. It was nice really, he was planning to further himself by traveling by the time he turned twenty, though sadly a terminal illness struck his father. He was in the hospital for month on end, and while he was there, he was murdered. Infuriated, Cole left his home in search of the killer. Finally locating the man, he had engaged in the big fight with him, before an accomplice hit him with something, and his world went black. While he slept, he dreamed that he was confronted by an angel and a demon, both standing in front of him, offering their own paths to him. Walking towards the angel, his wings began to sprout and form beautifully on his back. As he got there, however, the demon intercepted him, dragging him in his direction, far away from the angel. His wings began to mis-shape themselves, turning black and hard. Then, he awoke. looking around, he found himself burning inside. His body was physically very hot, but moreover, he was furious. The anger of all that had happened in his past had caught him somehow...and then he noticed the wings. It wasn't a dream.
Since then, he has searched desperately for the killer again, confident that with his new-found powers that he could win. He had been consumed by the demonic powers, even if he was an angel. he was able to hide the wings, but he cared for nobody's feelings. Finally, after a year, he managed to find and kill the murderer. Now he wanders, hopeless and alone. his heart still burns with unending anger, and he finds himself unable to shake himself from this state. Whenever anybody has tried to get through to him, his anger finds its way out of him. Perhaps, one day, somebody will be able to save him.

(He is VERY open to ideas. His story has ended, so he will fit into just about any story. He is usable for any character, modern or fantasy. It would be assumed that it would take the purest of innocence and the purest of hearts to help him, since he doesnt seem to want help.)

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