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Name: Cal Ranka
Age: 17
Race: Human
Location: Anywhere
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
Story: He was born and raised into a family that hated pokemon, which was sad, since he loved the critters. All his friends were allowed to become trainers when they turned of age, though he was forced to stay. At age 15, he finally was able to leave, thanks to the new law saying so. It was his destiny, really, though he started a bit late. Eevee was his first pokemon, given to him by a friend of his.
"this Eevee is too weak for me." he said, handing it to him.~ "you can have her."
So, he befriended the Eevee, and she turned out not being quite so weak. With purple eyes, she was unique, and quickly became his best friend, being given the name Kess.
(yes, a pokemon RP character.)


Name: Trey Reese
age: unknown, looks to be 18
Sex: Male
Race: Angel/human
Location: Anywhere
Occupation: Angel
Story: He had been a normal boy for about 18 years, before finally he made a horrible decision. One night, while he was out with friends, he drank, like the rest of them. Getting into the car, he was decided to be the driver for all of them. After a half hour of driving, he was able to drop off his friends. While driving home on his own, disaster struck.
His vehicle struck another, sending him through the windshield. The drive was fine, but his little girl, only at the age of 11, died in the back seat in her sleep. The father, outraged, shot the boy, killing him instantly. When he finally got to heaven, He was denied. He had sprouted wings already, and had the powers, though he was not considered a true angel to the others. In order to achieve this status, he had to return to earth, in the form he was in, and find love. Not only that, it had to be the love of a girl at least three years younger than his age when he died, as an added challenge and tribute towards the girl he had killed. Since then, he has tried, only to fail repeatedly. It was difficult, but he was determined.
(any ideas, just send them my way.)

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