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Drake's Characters


Neutral Characters
Good characters 1
Good characters 2

Here are the basic rules for RPing with me...heed them! (They aren't that bad...)

All of my characters go by these rules. If there are separate rules for a certain character, they will be listed with that character. please follow these simple rules, and we will have a good time RPing!

I'm very PM friendly, so if you have a particular idea for a certain character, be sure to ask me! I wont iggy you, unless of course you break one of these rules.


1. No A/S/L ing, buzzing, or anything along those lines.
2. I dont do ONLY sex RP, so don't bother asking. A romance here or there is fine, but don't pm me thinking my character is just there for sex. thanks.
3. I RP anywhere from semi, para, and multi-para. I don't do the one line thing. Freestyle is okay from time to time, just let me know ahead of time.
4. I'm a firm believer in RP goes where it goes. Don't IM me just thinking our characters are pre-determined to love, hate, fight, or anything like that. Also, Real-life socially accepted things do NOT pertain to RP, so if you have something in mind, just ask first. Again, RP goes where it goes...
5. Im not big on the one-time deals. If you plan to RP only for a few minutes or one day, you probably shouldn't bother.


All characters, NOT PICTURES OR MUSIC, are copyright to yahoo user Drake_Valdor. thank you.