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Mikez Maddnezz

About Me
The King of Dragons
Chapter 2



Well, this is to be my very own personal site...mostly because Piczo was mean to me!!!! ahahaha!!! but yea anyways, i hope you enjoy it and the music and whatever else you find on here.


As you all know, My name is mike. I'm 5'10" tall, i weigh in the area of 145lbs (so hard to find good scales these days...) and i like to do stuff like skate and rollerblade and talk to people and such. yes im a boring person but thats okay!!! haha anyways, i hope you al enjoy this site very much! it will be updated lots, so keep coming!

Here i will tell you when i change stuff!! YAYS! umm yes.
8/12/05- CREATED ZE SITE!!
8/12/05- ADDED MY STORY, The King of DRAGONS chapters 1 & 2